anandarts is a devoted 3-D design & fabrication studio, with clients in the U.S , Europe & the Middle east . Since 1974, anandarts, started by Ishwar.A.Shetty, Pundalik.A.Shetty & Kirit.B.Parekh has been progressing in the design & production of an array of artifacts for the exteriors & the interiors of many public places & corporate houses worldwide. 

The Mumbai based studio produces an increasingly varied range of reliefs as well as 3-D projects for museums, architects, interior designers, hotels & corporations. anandarts has a wide range of in house skills & undertakes every project with an array of design & production capability. The studio has the ability & has accomplished number of huge projects successfully.

anandarts produces artifacts at the best possible standards to withstand severe environmental conditions, artifacts are tailormade & are undertaken in various media such as F.R.P ( fibre reinforced plastic) ie fibreglass, metal, wood, etc. The following services , we specialized in are undertaken under the roof of anandarts.


Museum figures
Moulding & Casting
Monuments & Public works
3-D environments
Lifesize animal fabrication
Figurative sculptures
Architectural sculptures

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